Boneyard – Bone for Life

Launching in 2015 with the incredibly well received stretchy Silicone Rings the concept behind Boneyard was to introduce a new masculine brand for men with superior design, durable construction and edgy packaging that would stand out on any wall of stagnant men's products. Since then, Boneyard has teamed with select designers to continue their enthusiastic vision and are launching exciting patented products for men that have never been invented before.

Leading the way is a first of its kind extremely soft and stretchy silicone snap ring and matching ball stretcher.  However, the most exciting launch is the world’s first water bottle douche called the Skwert. The patented Skwert nozzle fits on to most standard water bottles and shower hoses as well. It’s something that has been talked about for years but no one has been able to produce.  The designers behind Boneyard have come up with fail safe patented design that will become the industry standard.

  • Silicone Ring - 5 renkaan setti

    Tässä on kaikki tarvittavat koot yhdessä setissä. Viisi kestävää silikonirengasta. Renkaissa on leveä ja tasainen muotoilu, joten ne eivät rullaudu pois peniksestä liian helposti. Käytä vaikka useampaa yhtä aikaa; esimerkiksi...
    29.95 €
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